University application deadlines 2024-25


Make sure you don't miss your application deadline!

Some universities in the UK, or certain courses, have much earlier deadlines than usual. It is important to make sure you know when you need to apply. Below you will find the key dates for various courses – but you should always speak to your advisor to make sure you can meet the entry requirements.

Application deadlines

Oct 16 (2023)
  • Oxford & Cambridge application deadline for entry 2024-25.
  • Deadline for most medicine-related courses at other universities.
Jan 3 (2024)
Jan 15 (2024)
June 30 (2024)
July 4 (2024)
July 5 (2024)
Master's (2024)

Frequently asked questions

What should I do?

Book your consultation with us. Find out what you need and get it ready as soon as possible. Some steps of the process, such as Student Finance, can take longer than expected.

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