About UNI Britannica

UNI Britannica provides a number of services to support ЕU and International students in their study abroad. We offer more than 200 Bachelors and Masters courses in 21 UNI Campuses in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton and Cornwell and Cambridge.


As an educational adviser, we will help you to choose a UK university and a program that fit your interests and career plans. Our support services are designed to ensure that you receive all the guidance you can during your time with us.

What we do

  • We will assist you throughout the entire application process, choosing a UK university for you and registering all required documents on your behalf
  • We will prepare you to study abroad, providing you with full navigation of your admission interview and all of the assessments in your UK university
  • We will consult you how to apply for a student loan (EU or home students) or a student visa (international students)
  • We will help you with your students' accommodation
  • We will give you career-enhancing advice

Meet the team

At UNI Britannica, our aim is to help you develop into a confident, independent thinker.


Natalia Nikolova



Natalia has significant experience in Journalism & Communications. She is a former news presenter at the Bulgarian National Television and has published numbers of articles related to education and youth policy. As a PR and marketing consultant Natalia has been involved in a variety of projects linked to international students. She would mentor you and inspire you to study abroad and achieve your goals in life and your professional career. Natalia has a Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences and a Master of International Relationships. She speaks fluently English, Italian, Russian and Bulgarian.


Katarzyna Pudelko

Senior Recruitment Officer


Katarzyna is our educational expert. She helps our students in their university pathway and career choice. Katy would tell you everything about Student Finance and the Erasmus+ program, where you can find a job as a graduate or how to progress during your study. She has experience in working with Italian and international students enrolled at the University of Bologna. Katy has a Bachelor Degree in International Relations. She is a native Polish and speaks fluently Italian and English.


Pedro Rebelo

Recruitment Officer 


Pedro is our international students' mentor.  He helps young people to choose a UK university and or a UNI program that fits perfectly their interests and career plans. Pedro would encourage you to study abroad and inspire you to achieve a higher degree, building trust and providing correct feedback about all prospectives. Pedro has a Bachelor`s degree in Phycology and Master`s Degree in Human Resources. He is a native Portuguese and fluent in Spanish and English.


Beatriz Pereira

Marketing & Sales Executive


Beatriz is responsible for Portuguese, Spanish and Latin American markets. She helps young people in their decision on what university and programme to choose. Bea is a passionate blogger and copywriter. She knows everything about social media and digital marketing. As a young influencer, she knows how important education is. This is why we rely on her to estimate your skills and potential and guide you through the admission process. Beatriz has a Bachelor Degree in Science & Communications. She is a native Brazilian and speaks fluently English and Spanish.


Carolina Hermano

Marketing & Sales Executive


Carolina advises our students from Spain, Portugal and Latin America on how to study in the UK. She helps young people to prepare their documents, application form and university choice.  Caro has a background in Journalism and digital communications and she would navigate you during the whole application process, including your Student Visa, accommodation or any query. Carolina has a Master of International Business Management. She is a native Portuguese with Venezuelan origins and speaks fluently Portuguese, Spanish and English.