Historical number of international students in UK

More than 605K international students enrolled on UK universities in the academic 2021. This is a historical number of applications for British higher education.

There are currently almost 206K non-EU undergraduate students in the UK and almost 247K enrolled at the postgraduate level. The total number of EU students in Bachelor`s courses in 2021 is 109,145 and almost 44K have been accepted into Master`s programs.

Only in England, the total number of EU students is 124,395. Most of them come from Italy (12,400). Romania and France are the other two countries to send a large number of young people to study here.

One of the most wanted universities for EU students is the University College London. In 2021 more than 5.4K students have enrolled there. King's College London is a close second with more than 4,6K and Coventry University with almost 4K students.

The total number of non-EU students in England is 376,880, most of them come from China (almost 120K) and India (72K).

The university with the highest number of non-EU students in England is University College London with 17,945, followed by the University of Manchester.

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