London life is cheaper than you think

The government estimates that you will need approximately £104 per week for living costs

The EIU ranked London as the 15th most expensive city in the world. England’s National Students Union says the average student in London spends more than £12,000 every year just on living costs. Add to that the rent that is usually quite high. But! You do get what you pay for. London matches the high costs with great quality and offers very few other cities can match. That is why they say it is the most cost-effective city in the UK for students.

Being a student in the UK has more advantages than anywhere else
I’ve ever been to. Student discounts at the movies, free museums, cheaper tube and train tickets, half-price meals at restaurants, even special student deal with a few of the Banks.

Cost of living in London for students

The government estimates that you will need approximately £104
per week for living costs, but this will vary depending on your lifestyle in London and your choice of accommodation. Usually, you spend around £200 per week but the price depends on the type of your accommodation and the location. Before to rent, research where to live. The cheapest accommodation is to share your
with other students.

Calculate your costs using the student budget calculator.

A new student in London, living on a budget?

Eating out may not seem like an option on a student budget, but
there are plenty of affordable restaurants out there. You should be able to get a decent meal at this selection of restaurants for under £20.

Get a Taste card to save money on eating out elsewhere. The card offers 50% off or 2 for 1 meal in restaurants across London.

With so many part-time jobs available, you can support your studies and enjoy London life while you study. Plus you'll have great work experience to add to your CV. Many students get a part-time job to
earn some money. Your university may have a job board, otherwise try local shops, bars and restaurants. Getting a local job is a good way to meet local people.

If you're an international student, try to organise a bank appointment to open a UK bank account before you arrive and you would have one set up in your first days in London.

Sign-up for discounted student travel and save 30% on London travelcards.

The best things in life are free. Enjoy thousands of free events, lectures and seminars held in London throughout the year. Discover historical London, visit Royal Parks and enjoy free entrance to world-class galleries and museums.

Find out more at Visit London.

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