Travel with EU ID Cards ends in October


From October entering the UK possible only with a passport or proof of residency

For many years, EU citizens have been able to enter the United Kingdom only with their national ID cards. After Brexit and the end of the free movement, this will no longer be accepted. The new rules are taking place on the 1st of October 2021.

This would disappoint many, as it is estimated that every year, around 2 million Europeans travel to the UK without using their international passports. Britain will be among the few European countries where you cannot use your ID card to cross the border.

From October all visitors will need to provide either a valid passport or proof of UK residency, such as documents declaring their pre-settled or settled status. Travellers are recommended to update their UKVI accounts with all travel documents to avoid complications.

Some exceptions still apply

If you have applied to the EU Settlement Scheme before its deadline but not yet received a decision, you can continue to travel with your EU ID card after 01/10/21. Border officers will verify your pending status on arrival.

If you have a valid document, you can also continue to use your EU ID Card after the 1st of October 2021, such as an EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit, Frontier Worker Permit, S2 Healthcare Visitor Permit, or Swiss Care Provider Permit.

EU ID Cards no longer accepted for travl

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