Studying in the UK gets easier


The myths about the UK education

Many young people associate British higher education with Oxford and Cambridge, where only the best and richest can go. Some students don't think they're good enough to obtain a degree. But getting a place in a UK university has never been so easy.

We have heard a lot of incorrect explanations of why going to a uni is impossible for you. After reading this article you might change your mind. 😉

Home students and those living here as UK residents are offered a variety of courses with a flexible timetable and lower entry criteria. Local youngsters are encouraged by colleges and universities to get educated and develop professionally.


You don't need to be exceptional at school

There are courses available for people with lower performance in secondary education. There are even courses available for people without any education – as long as you are 21 or older, and have at least 2 years of work history in the UK, you can go to uni.


You can study twice a week

That's just 14 hours of lectures and you can study during the day or evenings and weekends. These aren't part-time courses, this is full time. That means you will have a bachelor's degree after 3 years, just like any other uni course.


You don't need to have a money bag

There are lots of funds you can use to pay the tuition fees. One of the most popular for home students and UK Residents is Student Finance. You can also apply for a maintenance loan to cover living expenses while studying.


Most people don't pay back their loans

Speaking of Student Finance, If your annual income is below the payment threshold, you won't pay anything. Taxable is only your earnings above the threshold. And most importantly, student loans end after 30 years. Sounds too good to be true? Check here for all details.

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