How To Buy A Profitable Business Without Risking Your Own Capital

4-Week Short Course M&A Online Workshop, 8 Modules, 2 Sessions per week (1 hour per session)

Learn from a global investor tactical and "real world" proven strategics & technics you are not able to acquire at an MBA program! Then transact your new skills in today`s normal.

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This Live 4-Week M&A Workshop is an essential short course for any investor, business owner or tired employee who wants to escape the daily grind for wealth, freedom and lifestyle.

Currently, in the UK there are over 1 million 'Baby-boomer' business owners seeking retirement and 80% of them have no succession plan. There are also over half a million businesses currently for sale. Statistically, only 1 out of 12 business listings will actually sell. There is also more private capital available globally than there are homes for it.

The Lecturer

Perry M. Anderson is a global investor who encourages market access and the advancement of human progress through capital injection and investments in a diverse range of projects.

Mr Anderson, who is an Oxford MBA, has led and invested in a number of acquisitions, financings and restructurings, startups, leveraged buyouts, cross-border transactions and other investment projects of various sizes and complexity. These dealings have also crossed a variety of sectors including real estate, oil & gas, manufacturing, distribution, media, retail, internet and technology.


Ready for an Un-conventional approach?

Perry Anderson is an author of a number of articles, related to business strategic development, acquisitions and global downturn. Last year he published his first book "Red to Black, The Arts of Corporative Turnaround".

What will you learn?

1. How to Source a Business - With or without using Brokers or Intermediaries.

2. How to Structure a 'Win-Win' Offer - Deals only work when both parties gain.

3. How to Fund a Deal - Using private capital (non-conventional bank) and creative financing.

4. How to Conduct Due Diligence& Closing - Legals and accounting are an integral part of any transaction.

5. How to Fix a Company - Whether a company is distressed or profitable, there will be areas of the business that need fixing.

6. How to Sell a Company - Strategies on how and when to sell the business for 6 or 7 figure sums.

7. Numerous Tips, Tricks & ‘Real World’ Tactics - Prepare yourself for a bear market and position yourself for a bull market!

Short Course Modules

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