Indoor Restaurants Reopen in England

Indoor Restaurants Reopen

Indoor restaurants, bars and cafes reopen in England from Monday, 17th May

The lifting of some lockdown restrictions gets possible after the UK government has moved the country into Tier 2. This is Step 3 from the Coronavirus roadmap, that the UK government had put in place on the 8th of March.

All restaurants, bars, cafes, and indoor venues are now returned to their normalcy and allowed to welcome clients indoors.

It's an exciting time to be in the UK. Not only the indoor restaurants reopened but also travel corridors are more lenient than before, allowing easier travel. The UK was one of the quickest to get its population vaccinated and create a roadmap for easing restrictions. It's hardly a wonder why the UK is looking like an attractive option for people traveling from abroad.

Which restrictions are eased from the 17th of May, when all indoor restaurants reopen?


Up to 6 Can Meet Indoors

Up to 6 people from a maximum of two households can meet in any indoor space.

Hospitality venues will have mandatory table service if alcohol is served. Regardless, you must be sat at a table to consume food and drink.

Groups will be kept at least 2 meters apart and wearing a mask is compulsory when not sat at a table.

Indoor Restaurants Reopen

Up to 30 Can Meet Outdoors

Up to 30 people can gather in the same space for outdoor events, including performances and sporting events, with a maximum capacity of 4000 people or 50% of the total space.

This is in contrast to indoor events, which have a maximum capacity of 1000 or 50% of the total space.

Social distancing is still enforced but will be periodically reviewed.

Indoor Restaurants Reopen

Students Can Return to Classes

Universities are ready to change their lecturing from online to offline, meaning students and teachers can be in the same space once more.

This will excite students of practical subjects, as specialist facilities are once again accessible.

Two-metre distances will be enforced in classes, with some universities requiring regular COVID-19 tests.

Indoor Restaurants Reopen

Hotels and B&Bs Reopen

Hotels, B&Bs and hostels will be open to non-essential guests. This makes tourism possible again.

Individual hotel brands may have their own policies but hotels have few mandatory restrictions.

Many hotels have promised enhanced cleaning services.

Indoor Restaurants Reopen

Cinemas and Theatres Reopen

Cinemas, theatres, concert halls, galleries, and museums will reopen to the public.

If you're new to the UK and missed the chance to indulge in its culture over the last year, now is the time.

You can now book tickets for shows, exhibitions, lectures, animal attractions, and more.

Indoor Restaurants Reopen

Business as Usual

Many workplaces have returned to normal function, which means services that weren't previously available to UK guests – or just harder to reach – are now accessible.

This includes government and essential services which had to reduce their available staff. It should be easier now to procure visas, residence and more.

With some exceptions...

Not all venues are reopening, however. Nightclubs, adult entertainment venues, and very large event spaces will not reopen until June 21st at the earliest when Step 4 from the roadmap is expected to be put in place. While it is extremely likely that restrictions will officially end on June 21st, the UK government cannot guarantee that unforeseen circumstances could lead this to change.

Restrictions will be reviewed every 3 weeks, including information on travel corridors and which countries will be moved to the "green", "amber" and "red" lists.


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