How to Make Studying Fun?

Is it there a way to at least make it fun?

Nobody likes to study for more than a few minutes, but obviously, it is something we have to do for most of our lives. However, a question arises: Is there a way to at least make it fun? But you have to remember that you CANNOT make studying FUN all the time.

The answer is Yes and today, we will be covering some mindsets and practical tricks you can use to make studying something you look forward to doing more often.

I will start with my favourite one - you have to TREAT yourself.

You understood correctly. Rewarding yourself for your efforts is an important part of making studying more enjoyable, as well as motivating yourself. Keep some snacks with you while you are working. It can be anything - fruits, chocolate,
nuts. If you're reading something particularly difficult, buy something you can place at intervals down the page.

Get INTERESTED in the topic. Interest is the key element. To be able to dive into the more detailed aspects of any topic, you have to be excited about it first. It is not easy, that is for sure, but that is the whole point of studying things that we like. However, sometimes if we cannot find anything interesting we could search for some inspiration. A good example is The Lord of the Rings, where the author based his history on mythology which turned people to study history.

INVEST in some stationery, you LOVE using. An easy way to make studying more fun is to invest in some general desk equipment that you love using. Your favourite paper and pens, a set of colouring pencils, highlighters, a notepad with an attractive cover - all these will make you WANT to use them.

CHANGE Your Environment. You need a place where you can FOCUS
and be able to CONCENTRATE. It is not necessarily a quiet place, as long as you
enjoy the atmosphere.  You can go to your favourite coffee shop, library
or to your own spot. It does not matter where you are - you just have to enjoy
the place which lets you think. If you still do not know which one place is the
best for you, you should try all of them, or you can change it depending on your

There are a lot of things about studying that you can't control (boring professors, dry textbooks and pointless assignments). But the most important is to have a mindset of genuine curiosity and try to work on everything you CAN control. If you put there a bit of effort, then you have a good chance that you will find studying way funnier.

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