How I went to study in the UK

"Studying abroad has been always my dream and getting a place at the University of Exeter was an extraordinary event in my life".

Being a Chinese girl, pursuing foreign education could be a bit challenging, especially when your English is more likely to be compared with Martian and your behaviour with a cultural extravaganza. Rolling on the Floor Laughing on Skype Emoticons 1.2

None of this would matter once you enter your campus and understand immediately this journey will be your best one. Red Heart on Skype Emoticons 1.2


How did everything happen? Learn from Shao:

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My name is Yu Shao and I have a Master`s Degree in English Literature from the University of Exeter in Devon. I graduated in 2021 and I`m curently working full time in London, based on my Graduate Visa.

Reminder Ribbon on Facebook 13.1Follow my steps and get admission to study in the UK. I will be with you during this educational journey.


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