Freshers 2023 Get Wild

Freshers Week is the time when UK universities welcome their new students. There are a variety of activities and events designed to help students settle into their new environment, make friends, and get accustomed to university life. From DJ parties and workshops to campus tours and introductory lectures, Freshers Week offers a diverse range of experiences.

Do I need to attend my university events?

Most universities hold their own Freshers Fairs and Welcome Weeks in late September. At these events, you can expect presentations that show off the various clubs, societies, and services on campus.  This is why attending them is highly recommended. The fairs also provide information about local businesses and support services, aiding students in their university integration. All about the events, the venues and their agenda can be found on each university blog!

Freshers gone wild

The most attractive for all freshers are the general events, not usually sponsored by the universities, such as parties and festivals, that involve lots of music, fun games, or film screenings.

They are scheduled in September - October and usually take 3 weeks. Please note, that admission is limited to people enrolling in that specific academic year.

Most of the events are free of charge but for some, you may need a pass. The prices vary from £3 to £30, depending on the venue. Please note, that you may need to prove your age or student stats, so don`t forget to take with you your passport or student card.

A night of no rules & no behavior

When attending the Freshers week, all you need is a good mood.  You can expect nights with Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, Afrobeats and Chart Hits. Free shots on entry, Candy floss, and Polaroid cameras are some of the surprises to fulfill your night.

The UK's Biggest Freshers Pass

One of the most popular tickets is The Big Freshers Pass. The pass includes three of the biggest events during Freshers Week: Icebreaker, Freshers Ball & Halloween. The parties are being held at Tiger Tiger London starting on the 18th Sep at 22:00 and ending on the 30th Oct at 03:00 BST.

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