Can Brazilians in England apply for Student Finance?

There are three categories of students in the UK – Home (British/Settled), EU, and International. All universities have different entry requirements and conditions for these categories but if you are UK Resident you have special privileges, such as cheaper Tuition Fees and Student Loans from the Government known as Student Finance.

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Can Brazilians in England apply to a UK University as a Home Student?

In order to be accepted as a Home Student with all applicable advantages, a foreigner (ie. Brazilians in England) must live and must have been living continuously in the UK as a UK Resident.

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Are Brazilians with EU passports eligible for Student Finance?

You can apply for Student Finance if you have EU Pre-Settled or Settled Status (not necessarily a British passport/citizenship) and you have been living in the UK or EU for 3 years at the very least.

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What type of Student Finance you can apply for?

a) Loan for Tuition Fee 

This is the fee that universities charge for providing higher education. Your UNI sets your tuition fee, and the loan is paid directly to them. You have to pay it back.

b) Maintenance Loan

This loan covers some of your living costs and it is paid directly into your bank account in 3 instalments at the start of each term. You have to pay the loan back.

c) Grant

You can apply for some extra money on top of your loan if you are a parent, have a disability or some adult dependants on you. You don't have to pay back the grant.


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